Public Scholarship

Public Scholarship Continued--3


Can #Metoo Have Lasting Influence
SSIR–December 2017
Advocates and organizers need to think strategically about how to ensure that women are supported as they continue to report sexual violence, and that their perpetrators are held accountable. To do so, they can look to the science on social norms.

The Science of Story Building
November 2017
In this webinar hosted by the Communications Network, CPIC team members describe:

  • How to use the best of what we know from science to construct stories that are compelling, persuasive and memorable
  • How to construct narratives that create space for audiences to see their own values reflected
  • Where to find new insights that can inform effective story building

The Back-of-the-Envelope Guide to Communications Strategy
SSIR–September 2017
Communications strategy should be flexible, scrappy, and accessible to everyone on your team. This four-question framework, rooted in social science, can help organizations craft an effective strategy that drives real social change.

Building the Field of Public Interest Communications
Journal of Public Interest Communications–April 2017
This article describes the history and goals of the Frank Karel Chair in Public Interest Communications at the University of Florida and discusses the need for institutionalizing public interest communications by building a professional community, developing university curricula, and fostering scholarship.

Stop Raising Awareness Already
SSIR–Spring 2017 Issue
Too many organizations concentrate on raising awareness about an issue—such as the danger of eating disorders or loss of natural habitat—without knowing how to translate that awareness into action, by getting people to change their behavior or act on their beliefs. It’s time for activists and organizations to adopt a more strategic approach to public interest communications.

To Win Against False Information, We Must Play Offense
SSIR–-February 2017
What should strategic communication in the public and social change sectors look like in a time marked by extreme political polarization and false information? Science suggests the key may be playing offense, rather than defense.

Why each side of the partisan divide thinks the other is living in an alternate reality
The Conversation–January 2017
To some liberals, Donald Trump’s inauguration portends doom for the republic; to many conservatives, it’s a crowning moment for the nation that will usher in an era of growth and optimism. It’s as if each side is living in a different country – and a different reality.

Persuasion in a “Post-Truth” World
SSIR–January 2017
To make progress on ideologically or politically sticky issues, social sector organizations must reshape their messaging to do more than cite facts; they must use smart storytelling and craft solutions that don’t require those they want to reach to sacrifice their values.