Our Services

The Center works with  government agencies, universities, foundations, non-profits and public interest communications agencies to create and implement effective communication strategies.
Our team can help you in the following ways:
  • Work with you to apply science and human-centered design to make your communications more effective.
  • Conduct systems thinking to assess your organizational needs, strategic goals and target audiences.
  • Undertake content analysis, qualitative analysis, focus groups, surveys, interviews and ethnographies.
  • Assist with the development of strategies, messages and tactics that support effective communication with media, policymakers and other key audiences and constituencies.
  • Assess your digital and social media strategy and explore how you can create thoughtful content for online platforms.
  • Show you how the fascinating science of storybuilding can be integrated into your messaging efforts.
  • Create research briefs on specific topics and help you develop plans to make the most effective use of them.
  • Help you create and conduct collaborative events, host webinars, and plan customized face-to-face workshops and trainings.
We welcome the opportunity to hear about your ideas and needs, and to share our thoughts about how we can help you. Drop us a line so we can discuss ways we can work together.