Center Personnel

Yewande O. Addie

Research Associate

Yewande O. Addie

Yewande O. Addie is a doctoral student at the University of Florida’s College of Journalism and Communication. She has interest in cultural communication, public health messaging in West Africa, and the representation of Africa and the black diaspora in global news and entertainment media. A native of Atlanta, she studied journalism at Florida A&M University, liberal studies history at Clayton State University, and public health at the University of Florida. Before embarking on her doctoral journey, Yewande worked in Washington, D.C. as an Obama Presidential Appointee within the USDA’s Office of Communication and as an associate in the D.C. Public Library’s Watergate Branch. With nearly 40 countries seen so far, she is an avid traveler that enjoys leisure language learning in her free time.

Natalie Asorey

Strategy Principal

Natalie Asorey

Asorey is a lecturer in public relations at the University of Florida, based in New York. Before joining UF she was head of social media at BODEN, a leading cross-cultural communication agency based in Miami, where she oversaw the McDonald’s USA scope of work as Hispanic agency of record. She led the account team and collaborated with McDonald’s communication, marketing and digital teams to develop communication and social media strategies to reach the Hispanic consumer market.

Asorey also led the agency’s award-winning social listening practice, Escucha, to build brand advocacy through influencer and consumer engagement and real-time content. Previously, she worked on the Delta Dental, UnitedHealthcare, Dewar’s, America’s ToothFairy and American Academy of Pediatrics accounts.

Jack Barry

Postdoc Research Associate

Jack Barry

Jack J. Barry received his Ph.D. in political science from the University of Connecticut, and his Masters in political science from the University of Rhode Island. In his previous position he was a Postdoctoral Research Associate at the University of Connecticut working closely with the US Department of State’s Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs on their Young Southeast Asian Leaders Initiative (YSEALI) and Study of the United States Institute (SUSI) international programs. His areas of research focus on the impact of Information Communication Technologies on development, poverty, and politics, and also investigating access to the internet as a new emergent human right. He has a new article addressing how COVID-19 has exposed the need for internet access to be provided as a human right published on GlobalOpenRights.

Some of his other publications include a book “Information Communication Technology and Poverty Alleviation: Promoting Good Governance in the Developing World” (Routledge 2019); a book chapter “Social Movements in the Digital Age” in Mahmood Monshippouri, ed., “Information Politics, Protests, and Human Rights in the Digital Age” (Cambridge University Press 2016); and a more popular press piece published by the Conversation “Mexico wants internet access for all. Getting everyone online could reduce poverty, too.” He has taught courses at various institutions of higher education including the University of Connecticut, University of Rhode Island, and Trinity College (Hartford, CT). During his free time he enjoys surfing, playing guitar, traveling, and is a surprisingly good basketball player.


Ann Christiano

Ann Christiano is the Frank Karel Chair in Public Interest Communications and director of the Center for Public Interest Communications. As Karel Chair, she is developing a first-ever curriculum in public interest communications, connecting practitioners and scholars who are already working in the field, and nurturing and sharing research that can advance this newly emerging academic discipline. Public interest communications uses science-driven strategic communication and storytelling to advance positive social change.

Ann directs the frank gathering, which brings together hundreds of leaders from around the world who are working at the front lines of social causes, as well as scholars and funders to share the best of what they know in Gainesville every February.

Before she came to the University of Florida, Ann was a senior communication officer for the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, where she directed communication efforts for programs that address the social factors like housing, education and mental health that drive health and well-being.

Ann’s writing has appeared in the Stanford Social Innovation Review and Quartz and she was the University of Florida’s Teacher of the Year in 2014. Her work through the Center includes partnerships with the United Nations High Commissioner on Refugees, The Department of State, and several agencies that work in this domain. She has worked with several federal agencies, the Gates Foundation, and nonprofits and other foundations throughout the United States. She regularly trains scientists and other leaders to more effectively convey the importance of their work.

Partner Services and Operations

Brendan Martin

Brendan Martin joined the Center shortly after its official launch working with the team on client relations and operations. He holds a B.S. from the University of Florida and is currently working on his master’s degree.

Research Director

Annie Neimand

Annie Neimand is the director of research for the Center for Public Interest Communications, housed in the University of Florida College of Journalism and Communications. As the director of research, she works with organizations to apply behavioral, cognitive and social science to their work. Center partnerships include the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees Innovation Service, The United States Department of State, and public interest communications agencies in the United States.

For five years, she has led the research arm of frank, an annual meeting in Gainesville that connects practitioners, funders, scholars and activists working on public interest communications around the world. In this role, she connects the field of public interest communications practitioners to research.

She is part of the frank Academy Training team, where she integrates research from a range of academic disciplines into communication trainings for scientists and non-profit leaders. Trainees have included the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, National Academy of Medicine, scientists and program officers at the National Institute for Food and Agriculture; University of Florida scientists, program leaders and educators; and many foundation and nonprofit communicators.

Her writing has been featured in the Stanford Social Innovation Review, The Conversation, Quartz, Salon, The Huffington Post, and Newsweek. Annie is a trained qualitative researcher, with expertise in interviewing, focus groups and ethnography. Her areas of study include the social and psychological underpinnings of public interest communications, science communication, and social movements.

Director of Programs and Training

Ellen Nodine

As the Center’s director of programs and training, Ellen Nodine oversees the daily operations and provides leadership in the strategic direction of the unit. As a member of the frank strategic communications academy, she delivers in-person and online training to various constituents. She also teaches writing as an adjunct faculty member for the College of Journalism and Communications.

Ellen is the event manager for the frank gathering, which brings together hundreds of leaders from around the world in Gainesville every February who are working at the front lines of social causes, as well as scholars and funders to share the best of what they know.

She received her Master’s in Education from the University of Florida, with a specialization in Curriculum Design and Education Technology. Her master’s thesis examined the ability to establish social presence in an online community through the use of Twitter.

Research Assistant

Rakeem Robinson

Rakeem Robinson is a research assistant in the Center for Public Interest Communications. A graduate of Liberty University, with a bachelor’s in business administration, Rakeem is currently completing his master’s degree at the University of Florida and will enter the doctoral program at the College of Journalism and Communications in fall 2020.

Managing Director

Matt Sheehan

Matt Sheehan is a member of the journalism faculty at the UF College of Journalism and Communications. He’s spent his career, so far, working in established and emerging media, including as inaugural director of the UF Innovation News Center (the nation’s largest student-powered public media newsroom), COO of a media startup and as an assistant news editor at The Washington Post.

Lissette Tolentino

Research assistant

Lissette Tolentino

Lissette Tolentino is a Ph.D. student specializing in research and evaluation methodology. Her research interests are in psychometrics, large-scale and standardized testing, and issues regarding validity and reliability. She is currently teaching measurement and evaluation in education for undergraduate students and a research fellow at the Center for Public Interest Communications. Currently, she is researching communication practices within the psychometric field. When not researching or teaching, you can find her cooking, volunteering, and traveling.

Zakyree Wallace

Research Assistant

Zakyree Wallace

Zakyree Wallace is a research assistant with the Center for Public Interest Communications and a master’s student at the University of Florida.

Journal of Public Interest Communications

Dr. Linda Hon


Linda Hon, Ph.D.

Dr. Linda Childers Hon is a professor in the Department of Public Relations. She is also Journal Supervisor for the Journal of Public Interest Communications, an open-access online peer-reviewed journal published by the College.

Hon was executive associate dean of the College from 2006–2012. She is an Al and Effie Flanagan Professor of Journalism and Communications and also held the title of University of Florida Research Foundation Professor.

Hon’s teaching areas include digital social advocacy and public relations theory and research. Her current research focuses on grassroots activism in the digital era. Hon also has conducted research on evaluation, relationship management, and gender and diversity issues in public relations. She is the author (with Larissa Grunig and Elizabeth Toth) of Women in Public Relations: How Gender Influences Practice, a scholarly textbook published in 2001. Her research has been published in Corporate Communications: An International Journal, Journal of Public Relations Research, Public Relations Review, Journal of Communication Management, Journalism and Mass Communication Educator, Journalism and Mass Communication Quarterly, Journal of Asian Pacific Communication, Journal of Applied Communications, IEEE Transactions on Professional Communication, Public Relations Strategist, as book chapters in Excellence in Public Relations and Communication Management, Teaching Public Relations, The Future of Excellence in Public Relations and Communication Management: Challenges to the Next Generation, Responsible Advocacy: Perspectives on Ethics in Public Relations, and as a “Gold Standard” paper from the Institute for Public Relations.

Hon was the recipient of the 2001 “Pathfinder” Award for Best Recent Program of Research in Public Relations given by the Institute for Public Relations. She was the editor of the Journal of Public Relations Research from 2000-2005. In 2012, she was inducted into PR News’ Measurement Hall of Fame.

Hon was an inaugural member of the Commission on Public Relations Measurement and Evaluation, Institute for Public Relations, and an inaugural member of the advisory board for the Plank Center for Public Relations Leadership at the University of Alabama. She is a member of Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication, Public Relations Society of America, and Florida Public Relations Association.

Joseph Radice

Journal Manager

Joseph Radice

Joseph Radice is the journal manager of the Journal on Public Interest Communications. He is a doctoral student in the UF Department of Linguistics and a graduate instructor in the Dial Center for Written and Oral Communication. He holds a bachelor’s and master’s degree from UF.

University of Florida Faculty & Scholar Collaborators

Jay Hmielowski, Ph.D.

Jay Hmielowski, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor, Department of Public Relations
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Myiah Hutchens, Ph.D.

Myiah Hutchens, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor, Department of Public Relations
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Yu-Hao Lee, Ph.D.

Yu-Hao Lee, Ph.D.

Associate Professor, Department of Media Production, Management, and Technology
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Rita Linjuan Men, Ph.D.

Rita Linjuan Men, Ph.D.

Associate Professor, Department of Public Relations
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Cynthia Morton, Ph.D.

Cynthia Morton Padovano, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Advertising
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Kate Ratliff, Ph.D.

Associate Professor, Department of Psychology
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Colin Tucker Smith, Ph.D.

Colin Tucker Smith, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor, Department of Psychology
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