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Violence is Contagious: Be Part of the Cure!

For our Public Health Week at frank, we’re thrilled to share this video from Cure Violence, an organization that adopts a public health approach to stopping violence. Founder and CEO Gary Slutkin launched Cure Violence in 2000 with a mission to reshape our worldview of violence away from prosecution, and instead understanding violence as a disease that can be controlled, treated and prevented. Cure Violence puts this idea into practice using the methods and strategies associated with epidemic control — detecting and interrupting conflicts, identifying and treating the highest risk individuals, and changing social norms.

This video animation is the latest communications tool developed in partnership with Without Violence to break down this complex idea and encourage new thinking around this public health approach to violence. – frank team

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Cure Violence was one of a dozen global NGOs chosen to participate in a year-long fellowship sponsored by Without Violence to build and train violence prevention leaders to communicate effectively to attain social impact and change behavior and policy. Without Violence and Cure Violence staff worked to develop a national and global public policy campaign focused on a health approach to violence prevention. Kudos to Without Violence for their hard work in producing this new video to explain the health approach.



Without Violence is a new field-building pilot project designed to help violence prevention leaders and practitioners communicate solutions and accelerate their impact on improving the lives of boys and girls.  The “Voices from the Field” Fellowship Program uses the findings from a “Solutions Taxonomy” to build the communications and advocacy capacity of leaders working to prevent violence against children, inspiring deeper and more sustained engagement on the issue.  The program is simultaneously testing the applicability of the findings in different social and cultural contexts.

The Voices from the Field Fellowship cohort for 2014 included practitioners and youth advocates already working to prevent violence in the lives of children.  They collectively address multiple forms of violence against children including harsh physical punishment, exposure to intimate partner violence, sexual violence and exploitation, violence in schools and gang violence. The cohort was selected based on their commitment, involvement in successful efforts to reduce violence against children and their ability to drive transformative change in their institutions and political contexts.

The 2014 Fellowship cohort included Cure Violence (U.S., South America, Middle East), Raising Voices (Uganda), Center for Domestic Violence Prevention (Uganda), UNICEF (Global), Eurochild (Europe), Save the Children (Global), Child Protection Working Group (Global), Daniel CIYOTA(Uganda, Democratic Republic of Congo), INFANT (Peru), International Rescue Committee (Global) and Know Violence (Global).

Posted: July 2, 2015
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