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Q&A with our new Research Associate Jack Barry

Jack Barry

The Center for Public Interest Communications welcomes Jack Barry, Ph.D., as a postdoctoral research associate, a position designed to immerse a Ph.D. in the science and practice of public interest communications. Barry will support the work the Center does with its partners to apply behavioral, cognitive and social science to strategic communication to address big challenges. Barry brings a unique background in human rights, global development and technology to the team.

Posted: May 14, 2020

Here we have a Q&A with Jack, to learn more about him, what questions keep him up at night, and what he is most excited to work on with the Center below. What research questions are you most passionate about? What do you go to bed and wake up thinking about? This is a great question, and yes, sometimes whether I want them to or not, ideas are rattling around in my head at all hours of the day. I’m very interested in questions about what makes for an equitable society. For me, a fair society needs to be oriented…

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