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Center for Public Interest Communications Awarded $100,000 Gates Foundation Grant on Poverty

Posted: June 11, 2020

The Center for Public Interest Communications and the  Radical Communicators Network (RCN) announced that they are the recipients of a $100,000 Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation Voices for Economic Opportunity Grand Challenge Grant for their collaborative proposal “Changing the Poverty Narrative by Changing the Voices.” This project was one of 28 proposals funded from more than 1,200 submissions. The goal of the Challenge is to elevate diverse voices that can help broaden the conversation about the issues inhibiting economic mobility and generate deeper awareness and actionable understanding. This project will seek to change the narrative of poverty by helping those most affected tell their…

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Center’s Jack Barry Reveals How Lack of Universal Internet Access Puts Millions at Further Risk During COVID-19 Pandemic

Posted: May 27, 2020

In a newly published article on Open Global Rights, Jack Barry, who recently joined the Center for Public Interest Communications as a postdoc research associate, argues that the COVID-19 pandemic has exposed the unfortunate reality that many millions of people staying at home under lockdown are without unfettered internet access, which for some could threaten their health, education, and access to work. Barry writes: “Access to information could be the difference between life and death for many as the world battles this pandemic. Charts showing the importance of flattening the curve have been going viral in an effort to increase…

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Ann Christiano Reflects on her 10-year Quest to Build the Field of Public Interest Communications

Posted: May 6, 2020

Ann Christiano recently completed her 10-year term as the Frank Karel Chair in Public Interest Communications.  In a recent interview for the podcast “Let’s Hear It,” Christiano–who now serves exclusively as Center director–discussed her work over the past 10 years to help build a discipline in public interest communications. She reflects on transitioning from life as a practitioner to an academic, the power of spreadsheets, and past and future efforts to lead new research, writing in a wide variety of publications, and plans for the UF’s Center for Public Interest Communications ongoing work. Listen as she talks about her hopeful approach to the future of education and…

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Winners of 2020 Research Prize Have Good News for How to Fight Bad News

Posted: February 14, 2020

The 2020 Research Prize in Public Interest Communications has been awarded to two scholars from Cambridge University for a scientific paper that explores how people can be “inoculated” from falling victim to false information online. The $10,000 prize for Fake News Game Confers Psychological Resistance Against Online Misinformation was awarded February 7 at the frank2020 gathering in Gainesville, Fla., to Jon Roozenbeek, Department of Slavonic Studies and Department of Psychology, University of Cambridge; and Sander van der Linden Department of Psychology, School of Biological Sciences. For their study the authors designed what they describe as “a psychological intervention in the form…

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Latest Issue of Journal of Public Interest Communications Now Available

Posted: January 7, 2020

The latest issue of the Journal of Public Interest Communications (JPIC) is now available. The open access journal connects practitioners to the academic research in an effort to strengthen and grow the field of public interest communications. Volume 3, No 2 covers the following: Corporate Social Advocacy as Public Interest Communications: Exploring Perceptions of Corporate Involvement in Controversial Social-Political Issues Authors: Lucinda Austin, University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill; and Barbara Gaither and T. Kenn Gaither, Elon University This article examines attitudes toward the role of corporations in social advocacy and as agents for social change. Findings from the authors’ nationally representative survey…

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Using Behavioral Science To Create More Gender Inclusive Organizations

Posted: December 10, 2019

In two new articles on Medium, “How to Design for Diverse and Gender Inclusive Humanitarian Organizations” and “Outsmart Gender Bias through Design,” Center team members and their partners at the UN Refugee Agency’s Innovation Service describe how behavioral, social and psychological science can help humanitarian organizations create more inclusive workplaces. As the authors note, findings from academic research can help overcome gender biases that stand in the way of progress toward achieving inclusivity. Read: How to Design for Diverse and Gender Inclusive Humanitarian Organizations” Outsmart Gender Bias through Design

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Ann Christiano Receives 2019 Junior Faculty UF International Educator of the Year Award

Posted: November 5, 2019

Ann Christiano, director of the Center for Public Interest Communications and Frank Karel Chair in Public Interest Communications, is the recipient of the Junior Faculty 2019 UF International Educator of the Year Award. Christiano was recognized for her work across cultures and worldviews to make it possible for individuals and organizations to apply social, behavioral and cognitive science to advance positive social change. The award honors the outstanding contributions of faculty and staff to the internationalization of UF and the impact of those contributions on students, international partners, and university stakeholders. In April, Christiano was selected the for 2019 Faculty Entrepreneurship Award from the…

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How to Use Stories to Bring ‘Us’ and ‘Them’ Together

Posted: June 18, 2019

Writing in Stanford Social Innovation Review, Annie Neimand, director of research, Center for Public Interest Communications, and Samantha Wright, managing director of impact, Exposure Labs, say that advocacy organizations and activists seeking to build more inclusive movements, need to create stories that can engage both familiar and new communities. The authors say that will require breaking down “the prevailing ‘us’ versus ‘them’ narrative” that frequently shows up in the kind of storytelling many advocates and organizations use to advance their causes. They find that the prevailing use of “the same plot structures, emotions, or characters” serves to “reinforce established divisions…

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Calling for Entries for the $10,000 Research Prize in Public Interest Communications

Posted: June 11, 2019

The University of Florida College of Journalism and Communications annually awards two $1,500 prizes and one $10,000 grand prize to peer-reviewed academic research that informs the growing discipline of public interest communications. Submissions are now open for the 2020 prize. Research that informs the practice of public interest communications can come from a range of disciplines. Whether you study policy change, popular culture, social media or grassroots organizations, we want to see your work. Previous winners have come from public health, moral psychology, health communication and organizational behavior. Past winning papers include: The strategic use of emotion for engagement and action,…

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Latest Issue of Journal of Public Interest Communications Now Available

Posted: May 6, 2019

The latest issue of the Journal of Public Interest Communications (JPIC) is now available online. The open access journal connects practitioners to the academic research in an effort to strengthen and grow the field of public interest communications. Volume 3, No 1 covers the following: Changing the Story: Implications of Narrative on Teacher Identity Authors: Geah Pressgrove, Melissa Janoske, Stephanie Madden Through 15 interviews and five focus groups with high-achieving teachers and administrators, researchers explored the narratives these educators share to understand and improve the story of the teaching profession. Thee Framing of Adoption: A Content Analysis of Print News…

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