The Challenge:

For the last five years, the Center has collaborated with UF Training & Organizational Development to offer a professional development program for faculty and staff ready to take their communication and leadership skills to the next level. Designed for UF employees working to advance positive change in academic or professional areas of interest, this program helps participants:

  • Build and manage relationships with the individuals and organizations crucial to helping them achieve their goals
  • Hone storytelling skills to inspire support for a department’s mission and vision
  • Create a strategic communications framework
  • Develop thought leadership in their fields of study
  • Use design thinking and systems thinking to create meaningful calls to action
  • Communicate inclusively to build connections with diverse audiences
  • Create memorable and compelling TED-style presentations
  • Facilitate high-stakes meetings with “influentials” such as high-level administrators, policy makers, and funders
  • Interact with the news media to build credibility and call people to action
  • Think quickly in challenging communication scenarios

What the SCA Participants Said About Working With the Center

“The SCA assisted me with looking outside the box of how I traditionally communicate and explore new innovative ways of inspiring the audience. The pandemic challenged us all, in the way that we were used to communicating and telling stories. The SCA instructors were able to transition, without warning and the ability to plan ahead, to an online format and give us an amazing experience. I was able to apply the skills I learned immediately. The small group sessions allowed us to exchange creative ideas and form new relationships with campus partners. I highly recommend SCA to anyone interested in discovering a new and advanced way to communicate.” ~ Lesa Phillips, Guest Services Specialist, Office of the Provost and Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs


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