Training in Public Interest Communications

We teach changemakers how to use behavioral, social and cognitive science to achieve their social change goals.

Our customized workshops are rooted in what science tells us about how people learn, think, form opinions and what gets them to take action. Lively and hands-on, individual training sessions are led by expert coaches who draw on recent findings and insights from psychology, sociology, neuroscience, public relations and political science scholarship.

Our strategic communications training can help you:

  • Hone storytelling and communications skills to achieve greater understanding about your organization’s mission and vision and how to build support from a range of constituencies.
  • Develop a strategic communications framework
  • Learn to write with confidence, clarity, and speak with charisma
  • Create memorable and compelling TED-style presentations
  • Facilitate high-stakes meetings with “influentials” such as high-level administrators, policy makers, and funders
  • Interact with the news media to build credibility and call people to action
  • How to think and respond quickly when facing challenging communication scenarios
  • Leverage social media to develop a meaningful digital network
  • Use design thinking and systems thinking to create meaningful calls to action

We customize our workshops to meet the needs of your organization. Check out our frameworks and a list of the available modules to help you think through your needs. Each module is tailored to fit the goals of your organization. We’re building new modules all the time. Please contact us to discuss the development of a new module that would help you meet your goal.

What People are Saying About Our Training:

“We turn to the Center for Public Interest Communications for critical content in our faculty and senior researcher development program. Participants learn useful tips and—because participants are academics—they really appreciate how the communication strategies are rooted in empirical research.” ~ Jessica J. Hellmann, director, Institute on the Environment, University of Minnesota

“This class has helped increase my understanding of communication. It’s very informative, thought provoking and creates a deeper sense of knowing how to communicate effectively.” ~ Tanya Hughes, Associate Director, Facilities Services

“The skills I learned impact how I approach creating and sharing vision and also my presentation style. I implemented the project developed through the class within a week of my final presentation.” ~ Dr. Melissa Armstrong, Assistant Professor, Department of Neurology

“I learned the power of crafted messages, audience analysis and how to prepare an impactful presentation.” ~ Ashley Weser, UFIT Education and Training Program Manager, Academic Technology

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