We Made You Something

It’s been time for frank to grow for a long time.

This week, we proudly and nervously launched our new site. We’re not just about frank the gathering anymore. frank has become a place where we hope to nourish a community of change makers.

We’re sharing great new research on frankology, we’ve launched a blog where smart people like Kristen Grimm, Erin Hart and Jessica Wells are sharing new ideas and insights. You can watch any of the talks from last year’s inaugural frank gathering in Clips.

In a few weeks, we’ll add more: finds, a curated collection of content from around the web and frankslist, a place where you can list or find job opportunities, funding opportunities, and announcements about other conferences and events that are relevant to our growing field.

These are small steps that we’ve needed to take for a long time. I’m so grateful to our extraordinary students like Annie Neimand, who hatched the idea of frankology; Victoria Colson who collected and curated content; Katie Burns, who has developed and executed a social media strategy; William England, who is our visual coordinator; Calvin Moore, our programmer; Dustin Tulio, the designer who created the opening video and helped us ensure that the site offers a beautiful experience for our visitors.

Despite these extraordinary resources, the site wouldn’t be live if it weren’t for Emily Culbertson, who pointed me toward the endlessly patient Jai Sen at Sen Associates. Jai developed the site, smiled as we discarded three different approaches, and created the visual tagging system that uses the beautiful buttons Lauren Castro designed for frank2014 as a navigational tool. Alison Byrne Fields was much cooler about me stealing her theme than she needed to be. And Mac Prichard has not only allowed us to adopt Mac’s List for the frank community, but has given great advice along the way.

Typically, I underestimated just how much work frank would be. But one day, as I sat with Bruce Trachtenberg over a cup of coffee and shared my anxiety, he said in his wonderful and unassuming way, “I can help you.” And then, wonderfully and beautifully, he did. He stepped in and took charge of whipping content into shape, and finding ways to bring in new content regularly and seamlessly. So now, Bruce is frank’s executive editor, and we are all better for it.

There are lots more people who helped in large and small ways to make this site real. But the site wouldn’t be live if Ellen Nodine hadn’t demanded that we set aside our fears and launch it.

I’d love to see your work here, too. Got a post you want to share? Send it to me. Is there something big we’re missing? Please let me know. We’ve made this for you. Let us make it good.

Posted: August 14, 2014