This is Our Time: A Call to Troublemakers


As franksters we know that helplessness isn’t an option.

There’s too much at stake to sit on the sidelines, and that’s why we are inclined to seize the moment. It’s why we take underpaying jobs in the nonprofit sector to help people in need, or why we shed light on pressing problems instead of succumbing to a sensationalist media machine, or why we’ll extend a helping hand when the odds tell us that success isn’t attainable.

Those stories of  hope and determination inspired me to create “Our Time,” a song that I premiered at frank2016.

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Now, more than ever, we have to reclaim the narrative of our nation. When historians write about 2016, will they talk about politicians out of horror movies and the perpetuation of society’s most pressing issues? Or, will they talk about the ways people seized this moment and pushed for positive changes from coast to coast?

I know that you’ll be on the right side of history, and I want to share your impact with the world. That’s why I’m creating a video for “Our Time” – a video that will showcase the work of troublemakers across the country. Whether you are working with teens in the juvenile justice system or a documentarian or turning around schools in low-income areas, you are a troublemaker and your work embodies “Our Time.”

I was moved by our conversations at frank2016 after I performed “Our Time.”

One person told me that it was the reminder they needed that our nation’s moment requires urgency. Another told me they were moved to tears and found a new source of fire for their work. These experiences tell me that “Our Time” isn’t my song. It’s our song.

I want to feature franksters in a video for “Our Time.” If you’re interested in participating in this video, email me at by April 8th. Tell me about your work and what “Our Time” means to you. 

franksters, it’s our time. Let’s show the world that we’re beyond frustration and theory. We’re the troublemakers who are actually moving the needle. We will write the next chapter in our nation’s history. 

Watch Ahmen’s  frank2016talk, The Troublemaker Imperative.

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Posted: March 24, 2016
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