frank Video Playlist: Use Stories to Get People to Care


By Alexandra Booth

Technology has radically changed how we tell stories. Through social media, virtual reality and the Internet we can now crowd-source news, go to places we weren’t allowed before and connect with others in new ways.

In this frank playlist, we hear from speakers using technology to connect users and tell stories that will incite empathy and drive change.


Chris Dzialo: AndACTION: Stories for Change

@chrisdzialo @andactionnow

Chris Dzialo is the Director of AndAction a new initiative from Spitfire Strategies that gives a heads up to nonprofits about upcoming movie and television storylines on their issues that these groups can then use to motivate people to take action. Dzialo talks about how stories can drive change by speaking to an audience’s head and heart.
[vimeo id=”156874811″]


Joi Lee: Igniting Change Through Next Generation Storytelling


Joi Lee is a news producer for RYOT, a breaking news site that links every story to an action. In her talk, Lee tells us how to tell stories in innovate ways to move people to action. Specifically, she talks about using apps and virtual reality to increase empathy.[vimeo id=”156779958″]


Mark Little: You Say You Want a (Storytelling) Revolution


Mark Little is creator of Storyful, a platform that combines technology and journalism to deliver real time news to social media. In his talk, Little tells us that we are in a storytelling revolution. In the past, journalism was very passive, where people talked at you but you couldn’t say anything back. Now storytelling has become more interactive.
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Posted: March 29, 2016
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