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Moving from Allies to Advocates for LGBT Equality

Marriage equality has finally arrived, and while turning our Facebook profile photos into rainbows of pride is a great way to signal our support for LGBT rights, it’s really just a first step.

There’s much more work to be done to achieve full equality for members of the LGBT community who continue to experience discrimination in housing and employment every day and are at a higher risk of violence and suicide than other Americans.

Recognizing the ongoing need for change, we at frank are eager to share the following insight and resources for social change communicators who want to lend their voices to the cause.

  1. Start with a Story. An engaging personal story can increase understanding, empathy and interest in an issue by humanizing it. User-generated storytelling can also help drive engagement around a social media campaign. For example,

– Read “Learning from ‘Call Me Caitlyn’: Using Storytelling to Drive Change” on the frankology blog.

– Read “From Monologue to Dialogue: Learning from the It Gets Better Project” on the frankology blog.


  1. Understand the Power of Symbols. Unified visual symbols can build public recognition of a need or issue, rally support and help advocates identify new allies to engage in their work. For example,

– Watch Anastasia Khoo, marketing director for the Human Rights Campaign, speak on “The Art of Going Viral” at this year’s frank conference.

– Read “Why We Turned our Profile Pictures Rainbow” on the frankology blog.


  1. Monitor the Conversation. Reading the latest op-eds and media coverage will not only enrich your understanding of the nuances of LGBT advocacy; it will also inspire ideas for how, when and where to engage productively in the conversation. For example, here are some of our favorite recent articles:

– Read “Historic Marriage Equality Ruling Generates Momentum for New Non-Discrimination Law” from the Human Rights Campaign blog.

– Read “The Definition of a Good Corporate Citizen: Being on the Right Side of the Story” from the CauseCast blog.

Read “12 Winning Brand Tweets that Followed the Supreme Court’s Same-Sex Marriage Ruling” from Ad Week.

– Read “When It Comes to Trans Issues, There’s a Conversation We Need to be Having” from

What are your favorite resources for communicating on LGBT equality? Share in the comments below.

Posted: July 9, 2015