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Hatch: A New Digital Storytelling Platform For Social Impact

Storytelling is a hot topic in philanthropy and the nonprofit world. Effective leaders know that narrative is the most powerful form of communication, because stories have been used to teach and lead people since humans first developed the capacity for language.

“Strategic storytelling” is a newer notion: In order to help leaders achieve their goals, stories must be strategically designed to motivate and mobilize people. And the content of strategic stories must be compelling, in order to capture people’s attention and imagination.

Enter Hatch, a new strategic storytelling platform that helps social enterprises, nonprofits and other social impact organizations use the power of narrative and networks to increase their reach, resources and impact. 

Hatch is a free, online resource built with the support and leadership of The Rockefeller Foundation. The site houses a suite of tools that guide users through the key steps of designing a storytelling strategy, creating stories with compelling content, and engaging people through a wide variety of digital platforms. Tools also help organizations assess their storytelling capacity and evaluate the impact of their storytelling efforts.

We’re curating the best tools, practices and case studies from around the web, and bringing together a storytelling community to share ideas and inspiration. Businesses with a social mission are invited to check out Hatch, try out the interactive toolkits and send us feedback on your experience.

You’ll find topics such as:

Your CEO as Master Storyteller

The 40/60 Content Rule: Less Time Writing, More Time Sharing

What Makes a Story Great

Case studies from high-impact organization such as UNICEFThe Gates Foundationcharity:water, and Greenpeace.

Tips like Nonprofit Photography EthicsRecruiting Volunteers on LinkedIn, and Using Tumblr to Collect and Share Stories.

Hatch is a work-in-progress. We’d love to hear your ideas for improving the site, and invite you to share your favorite stories and storytelling resources with the Hatch community.

Posted: December 12, 2014