3 frank Talks From the Brains Behind Famous Public Interest Campaigns

There are some campaigns that never leave us. With the right message, call to action and design, a campaign can have long-lasting influence and resonance.

In this frank playlist, we have gathered the talks from the brains behind some of the most famous and impactful communications campaigns – from Lift Up Oakland, to (RED), to the Red Equal Sign campaign. Watch these practitioners share their work and what drives their passion and success.

Jenifer Willig: What’s Your Motive?

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Jenifer Willig is the co-founder of WHOLE WORLD Water, a social enterprise uniting the hospitality and tourism industry to raise money for clean and safe water projects around the world, and Motive, a social innovation consultancy working with large companies like NYSE Euronext & Old Navy to position and scale their social investments. Prior to the WHOLE WORLD Water and Motive, Willig led the (RED) organization founded by Bono and Bobby Shriver to fight AIDS in Africa. During her four-year tenure, (RED) raised $185 million by partnering with iconic brands including Nike, Apple, Dell, Microsoft and Starbucks and became a global brand with a social following of more than 2.5 million advocates.

In her talk, Willig shares her experience building the brand of (RED) and the potential for businesses in having social impact without sacrificing their bottom line, citing her own business WHOLE WORLD Water as an example.


Anastasia Khoo: Art of Going Viral

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Anastasia Khoo is the managing director for Human Rights’ Campaign. She helped create the record-breaking “red equal sign” in support of marriage equality. The red equal sign was named the logo the “Symbol of the Year” in 2013 by the Symbolic Systems Program. Under her leadership, the Human Rights Campaign has evolved into a public relations and digital powerhouse. The organization has won every single major public relations and digital award available, and Khoo, herself, has been honored with numerous awards. In fact, later this week PR News will honor her as one of the top women in the field as a “PR Women of the Year.”

In her talk, Jenifer shows us that sometimes you just have to do things without asking. For her, this meant planning a complete takeover of social media to promote marriage equality.


Jim Ross and Jennifer Webber: Timing is Everything

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Jim Ross is a political strategists with more than twenty years of campaign management experience. Ross “managed and won, candidate and initiative campaigns at the local, state and federal levels, as well as helped build a statewide small business organization in California, has run city council campaigns in New York City, has worked to defeat ballot measures in San Francisco, and has assisted in preserving open space in the San Francisco Bay Area.”

 Jennifer Webber is a strategist based in Oakland, California, who works with a range of clients including candidates for public office, nonprofits and advocacy groups. Webber has worked on higher education and affordability issues, as well as “grown and coordinated a national coalition of consumer, labor, civil rights, veterans and college access organizations whose goal is to ensure that taxpayer-funded federal financial aid does not go to poor quality, predatory career education programs that leave students buried in debt they cannot repay. “

Ross and Webber share their work with Lift Up Oakland to support a ballot initiative in Oakland, California. They discuss their strategic use of media to drive the politics of the campaign, which was vital in making the community more aware of the issues covered by the ballot initiative.


Posted: November 12, 2015